In her most recent political advertisement Elizabeth Warren beseechingly looks at her audience, implicitly warning women that a Republican victory in the Senate race would end access to contraception. In her opinion such a victory would also assure the impossibility of equal pay for equal work. She further suggests we could be "one Supreme Court Justice away" from assuming a subservient and docile role in society. She wants to know "In this country how could this happen?"

The answer is IT DID NOT HAPPEN! Her use of the word "could" indicates her subjective point of view. According to her advertisement, and in her own words, her statements might not will happen.

In fact these suggestions simply aren't politically feasible. Access to affordable contraception exits and Republican candidates will not change that. Roe v. Wade is also regarded as the law of the land and nothing will be done to try and overturn that, particularly with strong pro-choice advocates like Scott Brown.

As for the Paycheck Fairness bill, her opponent, Scott Brown, is on record as supporting equal pay for equal work. He was not in favor of the language of that particular bill. His statement was "right cause, but wrong bill."

Let us remain informed as well as involved in the political process. It is important to consider the consequences of the bills as written. Vote for Scott Brown in the upcoming election for Massachusetts senator. He really "is for us."