First and foremost, with the override vote complete, I would like to say "thank you" to all of those who voted "yes" in support of our schools.

We have taken a huge step toward correcting some of the problems within our district. I just hope that the momentum continues as we look to the state for support with funding.

That having been said, I now challenge all of you to look forward and support our new superintendent, Ms. Joan Landers. I know many people harbor negative feelings towards administrations of the past, but we need to all join together and give Ms. Landers the opportunity to do that for which she came here, and that is to help us improve our district and the education our children are receiving.

We need to give Ms. Landers a chance and not curse her to failure due to the shortcomings of others. I, for one, have been extremely impressed with all interactions that I have had the privilege to have with Ms. Landers. She has been visible within the community, open to communication with others, willing to work at all levels with no job being beneath her, and strives to build the relationships between the towns and the schools as well as the sense of community among and between ALL THREE towns.

I do think the most striking attribute that I have thus far noted has been Ms. Landers' inclusion of her principals'/staff opinions when making decisions that affect the district and individual school buildings.

As a parent of a second-grader at VBES, I say kudos to Ms.


Landers for seeing a problem/discrepancy (one of which the administration at VBES was aware of and handling the best way possible within the limits of the supports given) and jumping right in, working with the principal, supporting the principal's and teachers' needs, listening to the same and working collaboratively to solve the issue.

For this, I thank Ms. Landers, and I very much look forward to her leadership into a brighter future for the NMRSD!