It has been many years since I directed my first youth theatre production for Groton Center for the Arts.

Now, as we enter into our new fall season as 3Rivers Arts, I am reflecting upon the many ways in which our productions and children's drama classes have enriched the lives of hundreds of children in Groton and surrounding towns, and how many more we are now able to reach as a regional organization.

Theatre opens new possibilities to children. Through performing on stage, children are encouraged to free their imaginations in a nurturing environment, building confidence, poise, discipline, skills,and lasting friendships.

They learn to take direction and feedback, and through that, build skills that will serve them well into adulthood. They interact with other children on a meaningful level, helping each other make a scene work, solving problems, and enjoying successes as everything comes together.

Sadly, many children in our communities are no longer engaging in genuinely interactive and imaginative play. So many have substituted screen time for play time and are missing the chance to develop interpersonal skills and discover a love for the arts. Through our youth theatre and children's drama classes, we are working to offer many opportunities for children in our area to play, learn, create and grow.

We hope you will introduce your children to theatre and the arts.


By investing in our children's creativity, we invest in the possibility of a brighter future for them and for our communities!

Registration is open online for our fall production, The Pied Piper, through Sunday, Sept. 9, at This production is for children ages 7 to 11. If you have a budding actor in the house, this is a great opportunity for him or her to experience acting on stage!

If you have any questions about our youth theatre program and upcoming production, please feel free to call me at 978-448-2654 or call co-director Bonnie Marchesani at 978-448-5335.