Letters to the Editor

Educate yourself on the gun issue As a Massachusetts and Federally-licensed firearms dealer, and a Massachusetts State Police certified Firearms Safety Instructor, I think that it is fair to say that I have at least a little knowledge of firearms, their use and the laws pertaining to them. Full Story
Letters to the Editor
Groton EDC criticism was hypocritical It is bad enough our country is being misled by man who says one thing one day and does a 180 the next, but now it seems Groton has its own version. Full Story

Letters to the Editor
I am a resident of Pepperell and do not support joining the NMRECC with Tewksbury and Dracut. I am in support of regionalization, but wish for our Town to follow the Best Practices set forth by the Massachusetts Association of Regional Planning Agencies (MARPA). Full Story

The script calls for disaster

Training spectacle simulates MBTA collision in Ayer
AYER -- Their fates were decided by laminated cards, hung around necks on plain black lanyards. To give first responders the most realistic training, dozens of volunteers at a mock train collision Sunday had to pretend to be injured. Full Story
Fruitlands keeps past alive into the future (SLIDESHOW)

HARVARD -- For the past 103 years, Fruitlands has been welcoming visitors seeking nature, art and history. Full Story
Shirley receives recycling grant

SHIRLEY -- The town of Shirley has been awarded a $3,500 Sustainable Materials Recovery Program grant that will help maximize their recycling, composting and waste reduction programs. Full Story