Kevin Titus as President Woodrow Wilson
Kevin Titus as President Woodrow Wilson

Fort Devens Museum offers visitors a unique encounter with living history on Saturday, Jan. 19, starting at 1 p.m. at the museum, 94 Jackson Road, Devens.

Kevin Titus, renowned portrayer of former U.S. presidents, will make the scene as Woodrow Wilson, the man elected for a second term as president in 1916 on the promise to keep America out of the Great War only to be compelled to lead the country right into the maelstrom.

Accompanying Titus as Wilson at the museum may be Michael Epstein, appearing as the president's chief bodyguard.

In addition to being a judge in the Connecticut judicial system, Titus as a historian has studied closely the lives of presidents and he is respected and known by several former presidents, vice presidents and first ladies.

On the History Channel and in venues across the country he has appeared in portrayals of Presidents Chester A. Arthur, Warren G. Harding, William Henry Harrison and Wilson. He is to be a co-star in a new 2019 historical film and has also written two books on U.S. history.

Portrayals by Titus reveal his characters' passion for history.

His portrayals carry his desire, he says, "to make Americans remember that our country's history is in need of being remembered and not to be forgotten" and "that is important."

This program offers those interested in our country's history a chance to consider a historian's perspective of the physical appearance, personality, and life story of this key figure in determining the fate of nations not only in World War I but thereafter up to the present day.


The Fort Devens Museum is located on the third floor at 94 Jackson Road, Devens and is wheelchair accessible.

The museum's regular hours: Tuesdays, Fridays and the third Saturday of each month, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This program is open to the public but donations are much appreciated so that we may continue to offer these special presentations.