The state's mid-term primary election is less than three weeks off. Voting registration information is the same in Ayer, Groton, Pepperell, Shirley and Townsend:

* Aug. 15, the last day to register which includes a change of political party or relocation to a new precinct.

* Aug. 31, the last day to procure an absentee ballot, which are currently available at town offices or public libraries.

* Sept. 4, State primary election and the due date for absentee ballot submissions.

To be eligible to cast an absentee ballot, the voter: will be absent on election day; have a physical disability preventing them from travel to the polls; or cannot vote at polls due to religious beliefs.

Voters can register at their town's website or through town offices. Registration for the primaries is valid through to the general election in November so long as there is no change of address.

For questions, check the town's homepage or refer to town clerk.