Eldridge draw challenger from Harvard Business School official

10/23/2017 10:10 AM EDT
By Colin A. Young STATE HOUSE NEWS SERVICE BOSTON -- A Harvard Business School administrator plans to run for state Senate next year, framing herself as a Republican in the mold of Gov. 
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After months of tumult, new police chief in Townsend
10/18/2017 11:02 AM EDT - TOWNSEND -- After months of turmoil gripped the Police Department, officials struck a celebratory tone Tuesday night as the new chief and deputy were sworn in at formal ceremony. Full Story

41 veterans to be honored in Ayer Memorial Garden
10/17/2017 11:42 AM EDT - AYER - A careful look at the plaques and monuments in the garden beside Town Hall reveals something that is perhaps unexpected. Full Story

The script calls for disaster
10/16/2017 10:57 AM EDT - AYER -- Their fates were decided by laminated cards, hung around necks on plain black lanyards. To give first responders the most realistic training, dozens of volunteers at a mock train collision Sunday had to pretend to be injured. Full Story

Nashoba Tech's Kimball may be legally blind, but he still possesses great vision (VIDEO)
10/15/2017 08:29 AM EDT - WESTFORD -- James Kimball sees a world of possibilities in every step he takes during his race through life. Full Story

10/12/2017 11:08 AM EDT - AYER -- The neighborhood on the uphill side of Westford Road is the type of place where it is easy to imagine folks outside mowing the lawn or having a barbecue. Full Story

Shirley teen leaves artistic statement at Nashoba Tech
10/13/2017 02:35 PM EDT - WESTFORD -- One of the walls in the toddler room inside the Early Learning Center at Nashoba Valley Technical High School was sorely in need of artwork, a large, unadorned space crying out for a drawing or painting that would grab the eye of children in that fidgety age group. Full Story

Star quarterback on the green team
10/09/2017 07:36 AM EDT - This is the latest in The Sun's "Be a Volunteer" series. Got a suggestion? Email it to news@lowellsun. Full Story

Hindu temple and Groton share message: All are welcome
10/08/2017 03:43 PM EDT - GROTON -- Thursday was an auspicious day for the town's newest house of worship.  Full Story

He said he was in the military. His girlfriend's brothers didn't believe it. Turns out he was fugitive from justice
10/05/2017 11:20 AM EDT - AYER -- A fugitive from justice, convicted of impersonating military personnel, will return to Florida to face charges thanks to a suspicious town resident who called police. Full Story