Actress Kenya Moore arrives at the 2008 BET Awards in Los Angeles. (Reuters/Fred Prouser)
Actress Kenya Moore arrives at the 2008 BET Awards in Los Angeles. (Reuters/Fred Prouser) (© Fred Prouser / Reuters)

Keeping up with "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is always a workout.

But this season, the cast of the Bravo show is really making the audience sweat with a pair of dueling fitness DVDs.

Real Housewife Phaedra Parks released a program in the fall that promised to give viewers a "donkey booty."

Now, Kenya Moore is competing with her "Booty Boot Camp" ($17), which comes with a similar pledge: "Get the round stallion booty you've always wanted."

According to Moore, a former Miss USA turned model-actress, a stallion booty is "a nice, round, toned, firmed behind." As someone who's been exercisingfor 30 years, Moore knows exactly how to achieve that look: She lies facedown or gets on all fours, and then pulses, kicks and lifts her legs until her backside burns.

And when it starts to hurt? "I think about how good I'm going to look on the red carpet," Moore says.

The secret to a really great butt, she says, is to think about the total package.

"Everything needs to be proportioned and toned. That means you have to work out the entire body," says Moore, who strives to maintain a flat tummy and small waist to complete her ideal "Jessica Rabbit" figure. Her DVD's three 20-minute bootycentric routines (with increasing difficulty) are sandwiched between a cardio warm-up and an abs-focused cooldown.

That combination, Moore says, is suited for all levels of exercisers -- that includes guys, who often neglect their rear ends.


Moore hopes to boost the intensity on a future release: "I didn't want to scare people with my first DVD. I didn't want them to quit one minute in."

Maybe by then Moore will have also launched her line of activewear, which is still in the works. She wants to develop apparel that is sexy and colorful and hides perspiration. ("I don't like to see sweat.")

Sounds like a good plotline for next season.

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On the DVD, Kenya Moore lets personal trainer Nikki Veal handle most of the instructor duties. But the Real Housewife takes over when it's time to demonstrate her signature moves:

-- Booty Pop. In child's pose, alternate pushing up your left and right butt cheeks. "It's about finding your gluteus maximus. You need to isolate them in order to tone them," says Moore, who's found this move helps people learn what it feels like to engage muscles correctly.

-- Giddy Up. On all fours, shift your weight forward, thrusting your hips and squeezing your legs. "It reminds me of riding a horse," Moore says of the thigh exercise. "It's fun."

-- Stallion Kickback (above). Standing up, lift up a knee, put it down, then lunge back. That's the level-one version. "We can get more intense," says Moore, who makes it tougher by omitting the break between the lift and the lunge.