HARVARD -- Police were notified Friday morning that a rock in front of The Bromfield School in Harvard was vandalized with swastikas and other offensive vandalism.

Linda Dwight, superintendent of the Harvard Public Schools, sent out an email to students, parents and town members Friday afternoon. Dwight said the vandalism was found on the rock in front of the school.

"These symbols included multiple swastikas including one covering the Star of David, sexist and homo-phobic symbols, and racist terms," Dwight's email read. "We as the Harvard Public Schools condemn these heinous actions. We have documented this hate speech and have asked the police to conduct a criminal investigation."

It's not the only offensive graffiti reported in the area. Just last week, Billerica Police began investigating an incident of a swastika painted on the old Ditson School.

According to Dwight, the Department of Public Works has covered the rock with a tarp. She added that the district will intensify its efforts in including tolerance in the curriculum to ensure the safety of its students.

"The Diversity Committee, the School Committee, and the school leaders will explore the best ways to bolster the curriculum so that these incidents are less likely to occur," Dwight wrote. "We appreciate any input the community has to encourage tolerance for diversity."

The Harvard Police chief was not immediately available for comment.

Anyone with information on the incident or call school officials at 978-456-4140 or 978-456-4152.


Tipsters can also contact the Police Department at 978-456-8276.

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