AYER -- Police made their second drug bust in two weeks on Thursday, confiscating about six grams of heroin after local detectives led an undercover operation.

Ayer police arrested Steven Sanchez of 96 East Main Street, #3A, and charged him with possessing heroin, according to information from Lt. Brian Gill.

Police made undercover purchases from Sanchez, 29, who was also charged with possession to distribute a Class A drug. Along with the heroin packed in little pouches, police confiscated a digital scale and money believed to be from drug sales, Gill said.

Police also arrested David Mihalovich Jr., of the same Caza Manor Motel address, and charged him with being present where heroin is kept. He was also charged with possession of a Class B drug, which in this case was prescription drugs, Gill said.

Ayer detectives led the investigation with help from Boxborough, Groton and Littleton detectives. The state police also contributed a canine unit. The bust might not have been massive, but Gill said such dealers still affect communities.

"The dealers at this level really affect the quality of life in the areas where they set up shop," Gill said. "What we look for is help from the community to identify these spots. Then we start focusing on them and we're able to pick away at them in this way."

The arrest marks the second undercover drug bust in two weeks. On March 31, police arrested Patrick Blouin of 62 Westford Road and charged him with distributing a Class D drug.


Police made an undercover purchase of marijuana from Blouin, who was growing it in his home, Gill said.

The police are always trying to put drug cases together, Gill said, but it is difficult to develop them this far.

"In these last couple weeks, we've been able to take a couple of them to these levels, to a drug bust," he said. "So we're pretty happy with the work that the detectives have been able to do."

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