GROTON -- The first client of the multi-million dollar New England Studios will be shooting in Groton as soon as April, town officials say.

"Tumbledown," a romantic comedy starring Jason Sudeikis, will film at 119 Tavern Road, according to the landowner of the private 12-acre area. The land is right next to Lost Lake and features an Adirondack-style log cabin.

Henry Woodle, one of the trustees of the family-owned land, said his family's unoccupied home fit the film's Maine scene.

"One of the directors was going around with a GPS looking for a property that was on a lake that would sort of look like Maine," Woodle said.

The movie features Rebecca Hall as a widow living in Maine's woods who is trying to write her husband's biography, according to Variety. She later meets Sudeikis, a New York writer who helps her write the story.

Other cast members include Beau Bridges, Blythe Danner and Joe Manganiello, according to IMDB.

Woodle said members of the family are excited about filming on their property.

"I think it's kind of nice," he said. "It's sort of exciting, we're dealing with nice people and it's a new adventure."

The crew is also working on the property's boat house, Woodle said, and will be building a greenroom in the cabin's cellar. The space is typically used for actors when they are not yet needed on camera.

Next door, cast and crew will be using another house to rest in between shots.


Lauren Braudis -- who lives next door with her husband, Woodle's nephew -- said the cast won't have a trailer on set, so filmmakers asked to use their house as a resting place.

"They're going to be coming into my living room and my bathroom, and I guess I'm going to have a couple of dogs staying here with their trainer while they're on set because they have to be in a heated dwelling," she said.

The filmmakers also asked permission from the town to park rolling trailers at a town fire station, said Town Manager Mark Haddad. The Police Department will be involved with traffic control, he said.

"The town was very excited to welcome them in and work with them in any way we can to make their production a success," Haddad said.

Haddad said the movie will start shooting in April.

The movie crew is already in the production offices at New England Studios in nearby Devens, said Marketing and Operations Director Chris Byers.

The film will also be using one of the studio's stages, as well as a mill area for set construction, he said. Camera grip and electric equipment will also go out on-set to Groton.

Byers said the film is great to have in the studio right now because it allows the studio to test a lot of its systems.

"When a big production comes through, it just swarms and it just takes everything over and you don't have a lot of time to really test things out," he said. "A smaller show coming in gives us the opportunity to make sure everything's up and running."

Byers said the film should be a five-week shoot, the last two days of which will be shot in the studio.

Although the new Devens studio opened just last year, this is not Groton's first brush with Hollywood.

When Braudis and her husband were living in the family cabin before they built their current house, the lodge was also scouted as a potential filming site for "The Judge," featuring Robert Downey Jr., she said.

"We're kind of used to having people show up and look around and say, 'This is perfect for a movie,'" Braudis said.

"The Next Karate Kid" and "School Ties" also featured scenes in Groton.

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