P.M. 1:06, suspicious activity, Park Lane; 1:48, suspicious phone calls reported, Ayer Road; 3:42, MV accident investigated, no PI, Ayer Road and Route 2 ramp; 4:21, general medical, Ayer Road; 7:27, general request for tree blocking the road, DPW call out, Pattee Road and Mill Road; 8:40, general medical, lift assist, Deerfoot Trail.


A.M. 1:07, mutual aid, ambulance to Bolton, Nourse and Bolton; 4:10, commercial burglar alarm, Ayer Road; 6:22, MV accident investigated, MV hit deer, Still River Road and Under Pin Hill Road; 6:44, radar assignment, Old Shirley Road and Ayer Road; 6:46, MV traffic violation- stop, Old Shirley Road; 8:24, general request for school traffic, Fairbanks Street and Rear of Elementary; 8:35, paperwork transfer, money/persons, Boylston Street, Clinton; 9:22, MV traffic violation-stop, Ayer Road; 11:47, follow up investigation to case #189717.

P.M. 1:00 follow up investigation to case #189717, Ayer Road; 1:00, police general request to speak with an officer, Ayer Road; 1:10, general medical, lift assist, Withington Lane; 1:55, residential burglar alarm, Madigan Lane; 3:39, suspicious MV, Mill Road; 7:55, burglary, larceny of jewelry, Pinnacle Road.


A.M. 12:43, police general request for branch on wires/fire officer call, Warren Ave.; 2:45, police general request for carcass in roadway, Ayer Road; 2:45, commercial burglar alarm, Ayer Road; 7:18, radar assignment, Old Shirley Road; 7:35, MV general traffic violations-stop, Old Shirley Road; 8:35, radar assignment/school, Fairbanks Street and Old Boston Turnpike; 8:38, radar assignment/school, Mass Ave.


and Pond Road; 11:30, roster-court assignment/drop off paper work, Boylston Street.

P.M. 12:12 residential alarm, Still River Road; 2:34, fire department call/fire notified, Slough Road; 2:52, residential alarm, Murray Lane.


A.M. 1:24, parked MV, Littleton Road and near center Harvard; 1:38, parked MV, Lancaster County Road; 2:27, police general request for tree branch in roadway, Still Rover Road; 2:42, general medical/ambulance assist, Withington Lane; 5:20, police general request for check for limb report, Stow Road; 8:25, radar assignment/school traffic, Fairbanks Street and Old Boston Turnpike; 8:32, commercial alarm, Ayer Road; 9:12, general medical, Withington Lane; 9:59, animal control call, Bolton Road.

P.M. 2:16, follow up investigation, Pinnacle Road; 8:07, general medical, Ayer Road; 8:44, 911 hang up/abandoned calls, Still River Road; 10:16, suspicious activity, West Bare Hill Road and Bowers Road; 10:49, MV general traffic violation-stop, Prospect Hill Road.


A.M. 2:35, Parked MV, Ayer Road; 6:00, MV general traffic violation/MVS/TOW/Transport, Littleton Road; 11:44, lost or stolen cell phone reported, Old Mill Road.

P.M. MV general disabled/reported DMV, Ayer Road and Route 2 Road; 2:05, residential alarm, Park Lane; 7:29, medical emergency, Littleton County Road; 7:30, residential burglar alarm, Whitney Road; 8:28, fireworks complaint, Ayer Road; 9:50, police general request for tree blocking the road, Littleton County Road.


A.M. 2:11, MV general traffic violation-stop, Ayer Road; 6:39, medical emergency, Hillcrest Drive; 7:47, police general request for fire department general, Ayer Road; 8:06, police general request for RUOK not answered, Bolton Road; 8:49, suspicious activity, South Shaker Road; 9:03, MV general traffic violation/MVS, Ayer Road.


A.M. 4:54, police general request for tree limb in roadway, Still River Road and Prospect Hill Road; 6:21, MV accident investigated/deer struck by vehicle, South Shaker Road and Ann Lees Road; 6:58, animal control call, Littleton County Road; 8:34, radar assignment/school zone, Mass Ave. and Pond Road; 8:36, radar assignment/school zone, Fairbanks Street and Old Boston Turnpike.

P.M. 5:40, police general request for general assist, Mass Ave.; 8:30, police general request to speak with an officer, Ayer Road; 8:53, police general request for erratic MV, Ayer Road.