HARVARD -- Attention all gardeners!

The HES school courtyard is in dire need of tender loving care. Do you have an occasional hour or two to give to taking care of this outdoor garden? Perhaps it could be a family project.

Please contact our nurse, Jenny Eklund (jeklund@psharvard.org) If you have a little free time. No green thumbs required.

PTO membership & student directory

The PTO is now accepting membership forms and we hope you will rejoin us this year or join us for the first time.

Our organization brings parents, teachers, administrators and community members together to share ideas, build friendships and support both HES and Bromfield with educational and community-building opportunities and facilities that are not otherwise provided for by the school budget.

Through our support, we help to fund curriculum events such as Art Quest and Starlab, teacher appreciation events, Parent/Teacher conference scheduling, books for HES, HES Field Day, science awards and much more.

And membership provides you with the student directory!

Sign up via the Web at: https://sites.google.com/site/harvardpto, and look for us at the HES Curriculum Nights and Bromfield Open House.

-- Harvard PTO Newsflash