Suspicious Activity

On Tuesday, May 28, while on routine patrol just after 1 a.m., Sgt. John Coates noted an open garage door at an Ayer Road residence, with a fire burning behind the building. Checking it out, he found two men burning excess wood in a tall steel tank. They were told that it was a safety risk, being too close to the structure and the Fire Department. extinguished it. They were also told to get a burn permit in the future.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

A motorist called police Tuesday morning, May 28, to report an accident on Old Littleton Road. Seeing a man and a vehicle at the roadside, she figured he needed help, the caller said.

The man had hit a utility pole with his car, scratching the pole and causing extensive damage to the vehicle, which had to be towed. He told police he was distracted by a spider and veered off the road, Sgt. James Babu said. He was cited for marked lanes violation. An ambulance was summoned, but the man refused it.

On Wednesday afternoon, May 22, a single car crash resulted in charges against the driver after he hit a utility pole on Littleton County Road, snapping it in half.

Although police suspected the man, who lives just up the road from the crash site, might have been drinking, he had left his vehicle and was at home when he was interviewed and he was not charged with an OUI offense. He was cited for leaving the scene of a property damage accident, however.

It was a large pole carrying a lot of equipment and it took 14 hours to repair the damage, Sgt.


Babu said.

Pipe or Hole in the Road?

A bicyclist called police late Tuesday morning to report a road anomaly on Still River Road that he thought might be dangerous, but he couldn't be sure whether it was a "three foot hole" or a pipe, according to the report. The DPW was called to check it out.

Restraining Orders Filed

A man reportedly being "harassed" by a couple he'd previously been involved in a domestic relationship with has filed restraining orders against the man and woman, respectively, both of whom are town residents.

The two orders were delivered to the police station Tuesday night, May 28.

The situation points up details of a "209-A," which is issued by the court and served by local police. The order, which basically tells one person to stay away from another, is only an option for those involved in a domestic situation, not for neighborhood disputes, for example, and carries a mandatory jail sentence if it is violated, Sgt. James Babu said.

On Monday, June 3, in an unrelated incident, a local woman called police to complain that her ex-husband was stalking her. But the couple isn't legally separated and she has not taken out a restraining order against him, Sgt. Babu said.

Without a documented divorce or separation and with no restraining order, the man has a right to enter the house he's still part owner of, Sgt. Babu explained. And in this instance, he had a legitimate reason to be there.

Explosive Case

Charges have been filed against one town resident and could be filed against another for using a propane tank to burn debris at a residence.

"There are some serious charges" on the list, Sgt. James Babu said.

Propane is explosive and the activity the two young men were engaged in is not only illegal, it's very dangerous, Sgt. James Babu said. But when they were confronted by a police officer and advised that the tank could blow up, injuring them or a firefighter or police officer responding to the fire, the two 19-year-olds responded with defiance, Sgt. Babu said, flippantly telling Sgt. John Coates that risk was part of his job.

The incident occurred a couple of week's ago. The case is under investigation, with interviews still being conducted, Sgt. Babu said Tuesday morning.


Recorded in the police log as a general medical call, police responded to a report of a "combative cyclist" at the Prospect Hill overlook Friday morning, May 31.

A group of older folks bicycling together were gathered at the overlook when two of the men got into a heated verbal exchange and one of the women called E-911, thinking that one of the men had a "medical issue" that caused the clash and might need an ambulance.

The woman asked for water for the man, but the cruiser doesn't carry a supply, Sgt. Babu said. There was nothing wrong with the man, however, and no medical help was needed.

Found Property, Officer Injured

After a jogger reported some young men driving around in golf carts at the Shaker Hills Golf Club on Shaker Road Saturday afternoon, May 25, police went to check out the situation.

It turned out the young men the caller had seen were neither thieves nor joy riders but Shaker Hills employees rounding the carts up from the course to secure them for the night. While hiking through the woods, one of the officers fell and injured her hand.