HARVARD -- School was cancelled due to snow on Tuesday, March 19. With that, the Harvard School District burnt up the fifth of five snow days built into the 2012-2013 school calendar.

But Harvard is in a good position. With spring here -- allegedly -- Mother Nature should be winding down with all the snowfall.

At Monday's meeting of the Harvard School Committee, Superintendent Joseph Connelly said the date to watch on the horizon is April 1. That's the date past which point the state (upon petition by a school district) can waive the need for makeup days to complete the otherwise mandated 180-day school year.

At this point, the last day of school in Harvard remains set for Thursday, June 20. If another cancellation were to arise, Connelly said he'd recommend to the committee that school be held on Friday, June 21.

Had Mother Nature been a bit more mellow, students could have ended their school year earlier, according to the number of snow days left unused. Elsewhere, other communities are scrambling to consider holding school on Saturdays or cancelling all or part of April vacation to make up the lost class time.