HARVARD -- On Sunday, dozens of Harvard Boy Scouts showcased their woodworking and aerodynamic creations at the 2013 Pinewood Derby held at the Bromfield School. Hours of hard work were finally put to the test in terms of both appearance and speed.

From uniform blocks of wood, the boys cut, whittled, painted, polished and decorated their race cars. Some went for low-profile and wedge shapes, while others went for the wild and unusual.

One was fashioned into a TV remote controller. Another was fashioned into a skateboard with a clay figurine of Bart Simpson aboard. There was a three-mast wooden ship racing. There was a wedge shape made to look like a chunk of Swiss cheese.

Judging of the cars' appearances was held at noon. Clipboard in hand, Harvard Police Det. Greg Newman served as the judge for the event and ribbons were awarded accordingly for each elementary school grade level represented within Harvard Pack 10. Later, all eyes were on the wooden, six-lane race ramp for heat after heat of competition.

Brothers Justin Smith (fourth grade) and Logan Smith (third grade) placed in the first and third positions for speed. Placing in second place was Christian Lancellotti (fourth grade). The top three race winners will advance to the Nashua Valley Pinewood Derby competition.

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