Motor Vehicle Accidents

On Thursday, March 7, in the early stages of a winter storm that would ultimately dump up to two feet of snow across the region, two accidents occurred at opposite ends of town.

The first, a two-vehicle rear-ender at the intersection of Ayer and Poor Farm roads, was reported at 5:54 p.m. One vehicle had stopped on Ayer Road to make a turn onto Poor Farm Road when the other vehicle hit it from behind.

Most of the damage was to the second vehicle.

The driver and passenger in the second vehicle were transported to Nashoba Valley Medical Center in Ayer by Harvard ambulance, and the driver was cited for following too close. The vehicle was towed.

The other driver was not injured and the vehicle was driveable after the collision.

At 9:52, a single-car crash occurred on Finn Road when a vehicle slid off the snowy road and hit a guardrail. The driver was not injured but the vehicle was towed.

On Friday morning, March 9, with the snowstorm in full swing, a string of accidents occurred in town.

At 8 a.m., a vehicle slid off the roadway on Still River Road, but the driver was able to get out of the snow bank with the help of a friend, with no tow required.

At 10:49, a town DPW truck that was plowing out the intersection of East Bare Hill and Partridge Hill roads collided with a vehicle as it attempted to pass the plow, causing minor damage to the other vehicle.

Another accident occurred at 11:28 on Littleton Road.


In that incident, an oil truck slid off the road and hit a utility pole. The driver got out by himself. Verizon was notified.

At 11:35, a police cruiser responding to the previous accident was hit by a private plow that slid down and out of a driveway on Littleton Road, causing damage to the right side fender of the police vehicle. The accident is under investigation.

When a police vehicle is involved in an accident, another department investigates, Detective Gregory Newman said, and the crash report is being completed by the Boxboro Police Department.

At 1:44 p.m., a vehicle that was moved out of the owner's driveway so it could be plowed got stuck in the snow, briefly.

Finally, at 6:26 p.m., a motorist accidentally hit a deer on Mass Avenue, killing the deer and causing minor damage to the vehicle. The highway crew picked up the dead animal.

Suspicious Activity

In an incident logged just after 8 p.m. on Friday, an occupied vehicle parked at the town beach after hours left after police spoke to the driver.

The drivers of two vehicles stopped during the early hours of Sunday morning, March 10, were quickly sent on their way.

On the lookout for impaired drivers, a police officer stopped the first vehicle at 1:28 a.m. on Ayer Road near the intersection with Old Shirley Road after observing what appeared to be a marked lanes violation. No citation was issued, however.

The second traffic stop was on Mass Avenue by The Bromfield School at 3:49 a.m.. The vehicle had pulled in and out of the General Store parking lot when the officer noted a defective tail light. The driver was given a verbal warning but no citation.

Parking Complaints

A Fairbank Street business owner called police Friday afternoon about a couple of vehicles parked in front of his shop. As it turned out, the situation was snowstorm-related and temporary. After checking with the owner of one of the vehicles, police told the caller it was moved there while a nearby driveway was being plowed and would leave shortly, when it was done.

On Sunday afternoon, police checked on a vehicle parked on Ayer Road by Harvard Bowling Lanes but not in the parking lot. The owner was inside the bowling alley and was told to move the vehicle.

Sunday night, a yellow, construction-style "John Deere" vehicle was seen parked in the rear lot at Hillside Garage on Ayer Road. While it was noted that the vehicle's overhead lights were on, with no footprints in the snow around it, there was nothing suspicious about it, Detective Newman said.

Welfare Check/Medical Emergency

On Monday, March 11, at 7:39 p.m., police responded to a report of a possible drug overdose in the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts on Ayer Road after receiving a call asking them to check on the welfare of a woman from New Hampshire in a parked vehicle there. 

The caller, a friend of the woman, stated that the woman had called and said she wanted to hurt herself and intended to swallow a large quantity of pills. Concerned, the friend called the police.

The Harvard ambulance transported the woman to Nashoba Valley Medical Center in Ayer.

Juvenile Arrested

March 9, 12:58 a.m. - A police officer on patrol Saturday morning was conducting a routine building check at the fire station when a snow-laden vehicle passed by. Photos show the headlights thickly browed by snow and only a slot-sized cleared space on top of the windshield. The officer followed as the car headed down Elm Street.

With the cruiser's blue lights flashing behind it, the vehicle finally pulled over at the old library. The female driver was a 15-year old town resident. She was alone in the car.

She was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol, with an 0.79 percent breathalyzer test reading, which is over the legal limit for someone of that age. She was also charged with operating without a driver's license, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, impaired operation due to snow on the vehicle, operating to endanger and marked lanes violation.

The girl's parents were out of town, Detective Newman said.

According to the police report, she claimed to have just left a friend's home, where she drank a glass of wine. But residents there apparently didn't confirm her story.

Police called the girl's grandparents to obtain consent to perform the breathalyzer test and to take her home from the police station. She was released into their custody at 3:58 a.m.

A Point to Ponder

Given the charges in this case, a licensed driver would be likely to lose his or her license for some time, Newman commented. But it's unclear how this young lady's future on the road will be affected, since she didn't have a driver's license in the first place.