On Tuesday, Jan. 22, a Littleton Road resident reported that the front license plate was missing from her motor vehicle. Whether lost or stolen, the owner noticed the registration plate was gone while in another town, and thus another police jurisdiction. However, the police filed the report in Harvard as a courtesy to a town resident, Officer William Castro said. In any case, the remedy is for the owner to obtain a new plate from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, he said.

Motor Vehicle Accident

On Tuesday, Jan. 22 at 11:42 p.m., a hit and run accident occurred on Ayer Road, causing minor damage but no injury. The reporting party told police that another vehicle sideswiped hers while she was traveling on Ayer Road, headed for the other town. She described the other vehicle as a black SUV. Police checked the vicinity and put out a "be on the lookout" alert, or BOLO for the vehicle, but it was not located.

Accident and OUI Arrest

A single vehicle crash on Bolton Road Monday morning and reported at 12:02 a.m. resulted in an arrest. Brendan Shea, 25, of West Bare Hill Road was not injured when his vehicle went off the road and landed about 15-feet into the woods. He was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol. The ambulance was dispatched and his medical condition was checked at the scene, but he was not taken to the hospital. The vehicle was towed.

Attempted Break

A Slough Road resident reported on Monday morning that someone tried to break into the house earlier.


The case is under investigation.

Motor Vehicle Stop, Driver Arrested

Police arrested Osvaldo Garcia, 38, of Mattapan, after a random check of his vehicle's registration plate showed a revoked license. He was stopped on Ayer Road at 6:09 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

Lost and Found

A notebook-style portable computer that a workman found on Ayer Road Wednesday night belonged to the owner of a nearby home. Apparently, the computer was perched on the owner's car and fell off the moving vehicle. The property was returned.

Elderly Driver May Need Retest

After a citizen reported concerns to police about an elderly resident's driving last week, police spoke to the driver in question, Officer William Castro said. Asked what would happen as a result, he said that based on the report and the interview, the resident would need to take a road test at the Registry of Motor Vehicles to determine if she is able to safely continue driving. If she does not pass the test, her driver's license will no longer be valid. It may not be pleasant to initiate, but this is typically the process in cases like this, he said, to protect the safety of the individual and others.

Police Calls

Police were asked to check on an Ayer Road resident who didn't show up for her shift at Emerson Hospital in Concord Wednesday night and didn't answer her phone when the hospital called. An officer went to the woman's home and found no problem. She simply forgot it was her night to work, Officer Castro said.

Suspicious Activity

On Thursday night, Jan. 24, Officer William Castro spotted a van outside a Prospect Hill Road residence whose owner reported a "peeping tom" the previous week. It turned out that the van belonged to an electrician the owner had hired to installed outdoor motion sensor lighting, he said.

On Saturday, Jan. 25, an Ann Lees Road resident reported a missing computer monitor that might have been stolen. The house is for sale and there are people coming and going frequently, Officer Castro said, so it's possible the owner lost track of the item or that a family member borrowed it. The case is under investigation.

Road Rage?

Nobody was injured and there was no damage as a result of an incident on Stow Road Saturday evening. A motorist reported that the vehicle in front of her, whose plate number she noted, came to a sudden stop that she believed was deliberate on the part of the other driver and could have caused a collision. It didn't. No harm done. Police had no contact with the other vehicle.

Juvenile Driver to be summonsed

A teenage resident whose junior driver's license is limited to certain hours was stopped on Lancaster Road near the Waite soccer field at 2:24 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27, after the designated hours during which he is allowed to drive. He was stopped for going through a stop sign. A summons was issued for the violations. His parent came to pick him up and drive the vehicle home.

Dog License Problem

Every year, Town Clerk Janet Vellante produces a list of known dog owners who have failed to comply with the licensing law. When contacted, most of the owners pay up and get their dogs property licensed. If not, a criminal complaint is issued. One such complaint was filed on Thursday, Jan. 24, but it was the only one, Officer Castro said. All the other owners on Vellante's list who still had their dogs licensed them.


A Mill Road resident called police on Friday afternoon, Jan. 25 to report that his home was broken into earlier. Items worth over $1,000 were stolen. Officer Castro declined to describe the items taken or the nature of the break-in, citing the ongoing investigation.