The public is invited to attend a free lecture entitled: "Behavior: The Language of Children and the Causes of Social Distress," hosted by the Harvard Special Education Parent Advisory Council, on Thursday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m. at the Bromfield School library.

Children communicate to us through their behavior. Behavioral or social problems may occur when we misunderstand what a child is trying to tell us. Parents and educators may find themselves continuously addressing the same behaviors and wondering why their child keeps repeating these behaviors.

This workshop will help adults "get under" the behavior and discover what it is a child is trying to tell you and give you simple, yet effective tools for managing behavior issues. We'll explore the role of development, how to "read" a child's temperament in the context of "too much, too little or just right" and share strategies to assist parents and educators in better understanding the "language of behavior."

The evening's presenter will be Donna Shea, director of The Peter Pan Center in Ayer. Donna is a behaviorist and parent educator, holding a bachelor's degree in behavioral science from Lesley University in Cambridge. She works in collaboration with numerous resources and professionals to address the needs of families struggling with learning, behavioral and social challenges.