HARVARD -- Having previously approved a change of use request for the General Store, the Sewer Commission on Wednesday morning asked selectmen to ratify its decision.

Commissioner Rick Maiore said the General Store, located at 1 Still River Road in the Town Center and owned by Scott Hayward, wants to set up a 30-seat café/restaurant on the first floor and needs approval to change the parameters of its sewer line hookup.

Asked to clarify the selectmen's role in the matter, Maiore explained that it's the commissioners' job to review applications to ensure that criteria are met, including envisioned benefit to the community.

If the commissioners deny a request, the applicant may appeal to them for relief, and if the other board says yes, the selectmen must ratify that approval.

In granting the General Store's request, the commission looked at flow rates, with earmarked numbers for properties in the district, Maiore continued. The assumption for the store was a thousand gallons a day, he said, not by right, but by design.

He said that with offices on the third floor and the café on the first, maximum flow should be about 800 gallons a day, based on 15 gallons for each restaurant seat, which is probably an over-the-top estimate.

In accordance with conditions set earlier by the health board, there will be no on-site food preparation and no dishwasher. The plan is to use disposable plates, cups and utensils, Maiore said.


Selectman Ron Ricci wanted to know if the 1,000 per day allotted to the General Store would draw from the Town Center sewer system's reserves, potentially impacting later change of use requests.

Maiore said it would not.

The board voted unanimously to ratify the Sewer Commission's approval.

M.E. Jones, Correspondent