The following communication from Bromfield Principal Jim O'Shea was sent to the Bromfield community:

Dear Parents,

As I mentioned in a previous email to parents before vacation, earlier this year, we worked with Chief Ed Denmark of the Harvard Police on updating our lock down and hold in place procedures. Our faculty received training on these emergency protocols, and in light of the recent tragic events in Newtown, Conn., we have scheduled Chief Denmark to review our current safety procedures with our faculty on Monday, Jan. 7. We have also planned a Safety Assembly for the entire school on Tuesday, Jan. 8, where Chief Denmark will be the featured speaker and where we will review both lock down and hold in place procedures with our students. We have also scheduled a full lock down drill in conjunction with the Harvard Police Department to take place the week of Jan. 14. The purpose of the lock down drill is to review and evaluate the procedures and protocols to identify ways to improve our performance and enhance student and faculty safety. While we will not tell you the exact time and date of the drill, we will immediately inform you of the drill once the drill takes place. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about our planned drill. Please know that we continue to investigate other ways to make our school as safe as possible, which includes securing our front entrance during the day.

Jim O'Shea