HARVARD -- There was no appetite to move on a new kindergarten wing at this time, as the School Committee met last week.

The wing was flagged for poor air quality by the Board of Health in 2005. Quarterly, then biannual air testing has shown that removal of suspect carpets has largely rectified a mold issue that sprang up in the aged school wing.

School Committee member Keith Cheveralls recommended removing the $4,324,000 kindergarten wing renovation from the fiscal 2015-2016 five-year capital needs plan. Cheveralls said added time was needed to study building needs in conjunction with enrollment projections.

"The elephant in the room is it challenges our credibility," said Cheveralls. "My recommendation would be to remove this subject to commissioning a building assessment in conjunction with the Board of Health at a date to be determined."

The K wing capital request was moved from the fiscal 2015-2016 capital plan on a voice vote. The Harvard Energy Advisory Committee will discuss conservation needs at the school at the School Committee meeting this week.