B&E at Fruitlands?

On Saturday morning, Nov. 24, police checked an open window in a building at Fruitland's Museum on Prospect Hill that might have indicated an attempted break-in. Nothing was reported stolen, however and there were no obvious exterior signs of forced entry or that anything had been disturbed inside the building.

A past break into a motor vehicle was reported on Wednesday, Nov. 14. According to the reporting party, the incident occurred previously while the locked vehicle was parked at the owner's residence on South Shaker Road. Several items were taken, some of which were later found on the road and returned to the owner.

Cemetery skateboarding, OK?

On Saturday afternoon, police responded to a report of skateboarders zipping along the pathways at Bellevue Cemetery on Still River Road. Apparently the site is a favorite spot for skateboarders, but it was unclear whether there are any restrictions against such use. Police plan to consult the Cemetery Commission to find out, Officer William Castro said.

Suspicious activity

Early on Friday, Nov. 16, at 2:52 a.m., a police officer performing routine building and grounds checks on Elm Street spotted an occupied vehicle parked behind the fire station. The occupant was an adult town resident who had consumed too much alcohol and apparently decided not to drive in that condition.


The man was taken into protective custody and released a couple of hours later. The vehicle was towed.

A suspicious motor vehicle -- parked and occupied -- in the Ayer and Old Mill Road vicinity during the very early hours of Tuesday morning, Nov. 20, turned out to be a motorist who had pulled over to program a GPS device.

A Partridge Hill Road resident called police on Sunday morning, Nov. 25, just after midnight, to report an open door and lights on in the house. The woman at first was worried about an intruder but on second thought surmised it more likely that another family member had gone out and left the lights on and the door unlocked. There were no other signs of suspicious activity that might indicate a break-in, and nothing was missing.

Tipsy pair escorted from town beach

On Sunday around 2 a.m., a parked vehicle spotted at the town beach was occupied by two adult residents who apparently drank too much alcohol at their Bromfield School reunion. They were taken into protective custody and released a couple of hours later. The vehicle was towed.

Traffic stop

On Friday, Nov. 16 at about 10 p.m., police stopped a motor vehicle traveling too fast while headed west on Route 2 toward town. The driver was a Fitchburg man whose license had expired. The man will be summoned into court, charged with speeding and operating a motor vehicle without a driver's license, after expiration.

Hunters in the woods

Sunday morning, just before noon, police were called to check out a report of hunters, possibly trespassers, on Willard Lane, which is a private road on private property. It turned out to be a family affair, however. The hunters were cousins of the property owner, Paul Willard.

A Littleton Road resident reported on Tuesday morning, Nov. 20, that someone might be hunting within 50-feet of a neighbor's house, which would be illegal. The report was based on a motor vehicle parked nearby. Police had no contact with the hunter, however.

Drug arrest

Late Tuesday night, Nov. 13, a suspicious motor vehicle was stopped on Stow Road near Codman Road and the Boxborough town line, where the vehicle was observed to be speeding and pulling in and out of the parking lot of a business.

According to the police report, the officer engaged the driver in conversation and learned that he was a former employee of the business. He also determined that the man, Hugh Duffy, of Needham, was impaired, possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Based on that assumption, the vehicle was searched. Pills were found, for which Duffy had no prescription. With his permission, a drug recognition expert was called in to assess his condition. He also voluntarily submitted to field sobriety tests, which he failed and provided a urine sample for testing.

Duffy, 32, of Nichols Road, Needham, was arrested, charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, illegal possession of a Class E substance, the pills, speeding and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

The vehicle was towed. Duffy was later released on bail.

Property damage

Another misguided tractor-trailer driver, trying to access Devens via Old Mill Road apparently damaged a resident's property while turning around on the dead-end street. The incident was reported to police on Thursday, Nov. 15, but the report does not state the nature or extent of the damage.

Family squabble

An E-911 hang up call on Monday afternoon, Nov. 19, led police to a Littleton County Road residence where a mother and son were having a quarrel and the boy had locked himself in a bathroom. He came out on his own, however, with peace apparently restored.