Our family has decided that a service project would be a great way to show our appreciation to all the people who delivered treats, dinner, movies and many other distractions to our house while Ashtyn was getting better.

Soccer is not just a sport for my sister Ashtyn; it is her passion! Last spring, Ashtyn was injured during a game, resulting in a broken tibia and 5 weeks of bed rest in our living room (and that was just the beginning of her recovery). She had titanium rods inserted into her leg and went through many months of physical therapy. When she came out of anesthesia at the hospital after being rushed to the ER, her first two questions were, "who won the game?" and "does this injury mean I can't get a college soccer scholarship?"

Ashtyn was on the middle school team this year, and she spent most of the season standing on the side lines cheering on the team. During the very last week of play she was finally able to participate.

To celebrate her return to the game Talbot and Ashtyn came up with an idea and discovered a foundation based in Massachusetts called Playing It Forward. This is a non-profit group that takes used soccer equipment and sends it throughout the world to those who want to play but need the gear. Currently there is a group scheduled to go to Lesotho, South Africa the second week in December and WE WANT TO BE A PART OF IT!

We want to send as much equipment and supplies to Lesotho as we can. Please help us out by gathering any of your GENTLY used scoccer equipment: balls, cleats, socks, jerseys, shin guards, and shorts.


We will be leaving a bucket on our driveway at 3 Blanchard Road for donationsas well as at HES and Bromfield in the lobbies.

The deadline is Dec. 7, THIS WEEK! Help us "Play it Forward!" Information about the foundation can be found at http://playingif.org/.

Thank you so much; we appreciate your help celebrating Ashtyn's return to soccer.

Talbot and Ashtyn Chipman