Flea market theft

The Harvard Flea Market, a popular annual event that draws bargain hunters from miles around to the grassy fields in front of Old Bromfield, is noted for its finds.

But this year, an item went missing.

On Saturday, Oct. 6, a jewelry vendor at the Harvard Flea Market reported a diamond and amethyst ring worth $300 taken from her display. After searching her stall and the area around it, the woman concluded the ring had been stolen. She did not recall any suspicious activity, however, so the police don't have much to go on, Officer Daniele Fortunato said. But she'll keep an eye on area pawnshops to see if the ring turns up.

Motorcycle accident

On Friday afternoon, Oct. 5, two motorcyclists from Jefferson were riding single file on West Bare Hill Road when the female rider in front took a spill. Her male companion, riding behind her, was able to stop, but his bike tipped over as he did.

The woman's motorcycle skidded on sand and leaves at the Scott Road intersection and she went down, Officer Fortunato said. The man, concerned that she might be injured, tipped his bike when he stopped suddenly, but he didn't fall off.

As it turned out, neither rider was hurt. The ambulance was summoned, but both riders declined medical treatment. Damage to the first motorcycle was estimated at about $500.

Orchard stand robbed

A burglary reported at Westwood Orchards farm store on the morning of Monday, Oct.


1, is under investigation. The Massachusetts Avenue business was broken into the previous night, Officer Fortunato said. A glass windowpane was broken in the door, causing about $100 damage, and $650 in cash was stolen from the register.