A.M. 12:35 to 1:12, town-wide, police conducted building and grounds checks; 1:09, police station, lost dog dropped off, returned to owner; 6:53, Old Shirley Road, traffic stop; 7:12, Prospect Hill Road, same; 7:19, Mass Avenue, E-911 hang up call; 7:58, Ayer Road and Dunkin Donuts, motor vehicle accident; 9:08, Shaker Road, Fire Dept. inspection; 9:27, Old Littleton Road, same; 9:42, Prospect Hill Road, traffic stop; 10:24, Ayer Road, serve summons; 11:12, Littleton County Road, lifeline activation; 11:12, town-wide, vacation checks; 11:47, Shaker Road, Fire Dept. re-inspection;

P.M. 12:30, Mass Avenue, traffic stop; 3:14, Stow Road, medical, ambulance call, lift assist; 4:13, Ayer Road, attempt to serve summons; 4:32, Prospect Hill Road, E-911 hang up call; 6:54, Pinnacle Road, building and grounds check; 7:01, Trail Ridge Way, suspicious activity, parked motor vehicle at end of circle; 7:08, Trail Ridge, buildings and grounds checked; 7:12, Ayer Road, repeat attempt to serve summons; 7:20, south side of town, buildings and grounds, town beach, schools and library checked; 10:00, Lancaster County Road, commercial alarm; 10:40, 11:13, north and south sides of town, building and grounds checks;




1:02, Ayer and Still River Road, caller reported erratic operator, motor vehicle, no contact; 1:13, Still River and Prospect Hill roads, parked motor vehicles, Charter Cable trucks; 1:24 to 3:19, town-wide, building and grounds checks; 8:20, Fairbank Street and rear of elementary school, traffic control; 11:15, Ayer Road, serve summons;

P.M. 12:35, Ayer Road and Dunkin Donuts, past larceny reported, investigated, resolved; 3:24, Oak Hill Road, police call, larceny, credit card; 4:33, Mass Avenue and Bromfield, suspicious activity, caller reported vehicle blocking driveway, it was a bus; 8:01, Ayer Road, summons service; 8:35 to 11:50, town-wide, building and grounds checks;


A.M. 1:46 to 3:18, tow-wide, building and grounds checks; 6:39, Bolton and West Bare Hill roads, traffic stop, Fairbank Street and school, traffic control; 8:52, Oak Hill Road, E-911 hang up call, accidental; 10:06, Bolton Road, past suspicious activity, caller reported alcohol bottles found in Healing Garden parking area;

P.M. 1:59, Finn Road, Fire Dept. call, electrical circuit-breaker box hot, with odor, problem due to water in box, owner advised to contact electrician; 2:51, Still River Road, traffic stop; 8:08 to 11:50, town-wide, building and grounds checks;


A.M. 1:34, Ayer Road, parked tractor trailer unit; 1:43 to 3:21, town-wide, building and grounds checks; 8:00, Mass Avenue and Bromfield, E-911 hang up call; 10:21, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:498, Wilroy Avenue, police call, private area fronting pond, property owners' dispute, civil matter; 11:45, Old Shirley road, traffic stop; 11:54, Poor Farm Road, same;

P.M. 1:23, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 1:37, Old Shirley Road, same; 1:42, same; 1:17, Mass Avenue, same; 11:24, 11:25, south and north sides of town, buildings, businesses and grounds checked;


A.M. 12:42 to 1:31, town-wide, building and grounds checks;

P.M. 12:39, Eldridge Road, motor vehicle accident, ambulance call; 3:22, Ayer and Whitney roads, motor vehicle accident; 5:25, Depot Road and soccer field, police call, general, commissioner asked someone to leave who refused, gone on arrival; 10:49, south side of town, buildings, businesses and grounds check;


A.M. 12:12 to 1:11, town-wide, building and grounds checks; 12:55, Ayer Road and Dunkin Donuts, parked vehicle; 1:02, Mass Avenue and Boxborough town line, traffic stop; 5:12, Swanson Road, Boxborough, mutual aid, police;

P.M. 2:15, Slough Road, ambulance assist; 4:15, Old Mill Road, police call; 4:20, Lancaster County Road, mutual aid, message delivery; 7:30, Finn Road and Withington Lane, mutual aid, police, assisted Stow Police seeking someone on Delaney conservation land, no contact, Stow police later located the person; 8:07 to 8:41, town-wide, buildings, businesses and grounds checks; 8:45, Oak Hill Road, medical, ambulance call;


A.M. 12:15 to 12:39, town-wide, building and grounds checks; 9:03, Cleaves Hill Road, RUOK check;

P.M. 4:20, Still River Road and General Store, motor vehicle lockout; 8:06, Pinnacle Road, Fire Dept. call; 10:40 to 11:06, town-wide, buildings, businesses, grounds checked.