Suspicious Activity

Police checked a parked motor vehicle at Dunkin Donuts on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 2:42 a.m. The restaurant was closed and the vehicle was occupied. But the man and woman inside -- a married couple -- were only sleeping, having dropped someone off at Logan airport earlier.

An Old Mill road resident reported Thursday morning that an older model Subaru had come up the driveway and left. The vehicle was peopled with Jehovah Witnesses, according to the caller.

Two motor vehicles parked at the town beach late Saturday night -- a Ford truck and a red sedan -- were considered "suspicious," especially because teenagers the vehicles probably belonged to were seen walking around the boat ramps, which have been tipped over in the past, accidentally or otherwise. The police report didn't say whether there was any contact with the teens, however.

On Sunday night, Sept. 23, an Old Littleton Road resident who had been away awhile noticed on returning home that lights were flashing in a car parked in the driveway and considered that suspicious, especially since a cat sitter at the home said the lights were not flashing the day before. Police checked the premises but found nothing amiss.

A black SUV reportedly parked in a "strange spot" near conservation land at Blanchard and Lancaster County roads on Monday, Sept. 24, at about 9 p.m. belonged to a man who later told police he'd been out jogging on the conservation path when he saw an officer checking out his vehicle.


Lost and Found

A black Samsung cell phone left near the fire pond at Ann Lees Road and Babbitt Lane Saturday afternoon, Sept. 22, is still at the police station, waiting to be claimed. The phone's battery was dead when it was found, so the police couldn't use it to trace the owner, Detective Izzo said.

Where There's Smoke Fire Dept. Calls

The Fire Department responded to two calls Friday morning. The first, on Mettacomett Path, came at 6:17 a.m. The resident had been trying to light a fire with the fireplace flu closed, causing backup of smoke into the house.

The second call came from a residence on Cleaves Hill Road, where there was a chimney fire. Apparently a minor one, though, since the only action reportedly taken was to vent the house of smoke.

Harassing Phone Calls

A Harvard woman asked police on Wednesday night to tell her ex-husband to stop calling her, Detective Izzo said. She was advised to contact the Maynard Police Department, where the man lives, but she said she was "too busy" to do that.