HARVARD -- The selectmen asked Town Administrator Tim Bragan to look into relocation options besides the old library for the duration of the Town Hall building project.

Tuesday night, Bragan reported back on his research so far and received a new, expanded directive from the board that now includes freestanding trailers that could be parked on town land to temporarily house town offices during Town Hall renovations.

Resident Paul Green proposed the idea during the public comment period of the meeting.

"Has the board decided where town offices will go?" he asked, following up on a suggestion he previously made at Special Town Meeting about the anticipated move.

When Town Meeting discussed Article 4, which was ultimately accepted and limits proposed relocation sites to those within eight miles of the town center. "I encouraged them to consider office trailers in areas within walking distance of the town common," Green said.

Options could include a couple that are either owned or controlled by the town, he said, such as the parking lot behind the Congregational Church or the area between buildings. Another site that might work would be the lower parking lot behind The Bromfield School, with added pavement overlapping the grassy area if needed.

The Bromfield Trustees own that land, Chairman Lucy Wallace pointed out.

Green's suggestions were added to the mix when Bragan brought the matter up later in the meeting.


"We've got a bid from Appleworks (office building on Ayer Road) and from MassDevelopment, Bragan said, the latter for space in a Devens office building that is, technically, in Harvard.

"I need to know where to look," he said, citing issues and "variables" such as Internet access, which would be a non-issue in a town-owned building such as the old library. A building outside the town's current provider network could pose a problem, he said.

Selectman Ron Ricci said he liked Green's idea and suggested getting some quotes.

Devens, the old library, Appleworks, trailers. Which will it be? Bragan asked.

The selectmen asked him to look at them all.

"I'm concerned that I can't make value judgments" that caveat seems to call for, Bragan ventured.

Not to worry, the selectmen said. They'll make that call.