GROTON -- A senior at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School and a senior at the Groton School have been selected for publication in The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts, the only statewide print and online publication featuring jury-selected artwork, photography, poetry and creative writing by students in grades 8 to 12.

Groton-Dunstable senior Pamela Rachel Marino's poem, "Grade-A Melting and Picking at My Skin," was selected from over 700 works submitted by teens from schools and community organizations across the Commonwealth.

"My 11th grade history class was heavily centered on American History, and a large portion of our discussions were around World War II, particularly the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki," she wrote in her artist statement. "One class, our teacher played a video took on that fatal day of the emergency hospitals set up for injured civilians, many of whom were school children. The injuries they endured were gross, the grossest being their peeling, melting flesh. This poem is written from the perspective of a victim of the tragedy. I touch upon themes of not only injury, but also the feeling invaded upon and losing something familiar abruptly."

Groton School senior Blair Donohue's short story, "Instructions for Girl," was also selected.

"I was inspired by my favorite painting, Norman Rockwell's Girl at the Mirror," says Donohue. "Using this painting as my starting point, I wrote a fictional piece about a girl with an eating disorder.


To emphasize the all-consuming and round-about thinking that comes with body image issues, I chose to write the entire piece in an imperative sentence structure."

All published works are juror-selected to ensure artistic excellence. Through this selective process, The Marble Collection, nonprofit publisher of The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts, strives to assemble the most diverse and acclaimed collection of work.

The Massachusetts High School Magazine of the Arts is set for release in mid-May and can be purchased online at Published teens will be honored at The Marble Collection's annual magazine release gala, Spring into Art, on Sunday, May 20 at UMass Boston's Harbor Gallery.