Jack Petropoulos is leaving the Select Board after six years.
Jack Petropoulos is leaving the Select Board after six years.

GROTON -- Jack Petropoulos will not not seek re-election to the Select Board.

Since joining the board in 2012, he planned to only serve two terms. Being a selectman has been a challenging, yet rewarding job, Petropoulos said.

"I've appreciated the satisfaction of positive feedback from voters," he said.

As a selectman, Petropoulos said that bringing a business-like approach to the board and affirming the importance of Town Meeting vote are two of his main accomplishments.

Nomination papers and certified signatures to appear on the May election ballot were due Tuesday.

Petropoulos was one of the first to pull papers in January, but he did not return them.

John Giger, a member of the Planning Board, will appear on the ballot to run for the Select Board in the May town election.

"The current board is made up of people who are highly capable. The town is well represented," Petropoulos said. "Knowing about John, I am confident he'll be a good addition to the board."

Advice he wants to pass along would be to remember the taxpayers and best interests of the town. At the same time, Petropoulos said, don't be afraid to push back.

He looks forward to spending more time at home and working on the family farm. In addition, he will have more time to focus on his job as a product manager for a software company.

Petropoulos said he will continue to watch what goes on in town and participate as a resident.