Senior Volunteers Needed

The Groton COA and the Groton Channel are offering the opportunity for senior citizens (60 years and older) to be trained operators of the cameras and equipment to produce the monthly COA program.

Currently, the COA staff are interviewed by Gina Marini of the Groton Channel monthly. We discuss upcoming programs at the senior center and services offered through our outreach department.

We would like this program to involve more seniors in our community and invite anyone over 60 to join us as a camera and equipment operator. It is not difficult and has a time commitment of approximately one hour per month.

We have a great time filming and having seniors producing the program will make it very unique and special for Groton.

Please call Kathy at the COA to sign up and answer your questions.

Trip Buddies Program at the COA

The Groton Council on Aging participates in monthly daytrips. At times there are individuals that would like to travel with us, however, they don't have someone to go with. We are looking for those individuals that want to go but are looking for a travel companion and those that would love to be that companion.

If you are interested in being part of our Travel Buddy program, please contact Stephanie St. Germain at 978-448-1170 or

It's great to have a friend for the day to travel with. No need to go it alone anymore.


Mahjong at the Senior Center

Mahjong is a popular Chinese game played with sets of tiles. Like many popular games, Mahjong has a small infinity of regional variations, from the Chinese prevailing wind system, to the American Mahjong with special bingo-like scoring cards.

We are starting a Mahjong group here at the COA and would love if you could join us!

Please contact Stephanie St. Germain at 978-448-1170 or

Senior Bowling Bonanza!

Wii is an exciting video game that can be quite realistic at times, but you don't need your bowling shoes for this.

Come to the center to practice and play as we are hoping to one day have tournaments with other local COA's. Go Groton COA!

Please call the Senior Center at 978-448-1170 to sign up.