This is a serialization of the new book written by Carl Flowers, owner of Silveus Plantation, the subject of "Groton's Anonymous Mistress." This 300-year-old house is accessed by Kemp Street near the boundary of Groton and Dunstable.

Part 47

By Carl Flowers

Chapter 10: The Beating

My beating began April 14, 1983. I just didn't know it at the time. The people looking after the Mistress informed me about the town not doing any snow plowing or picking up the rubbish. This was the first time I had learned of these missing town services, for which taxes were paid. Due to the depth of the snow, walking from the last house in Dunstable to the Mistress was getting to be a bit of a challenge when carrying groceries and getting rid of rubbish. Because of these difficulties I wrote to the town on March 25, 1983 requesting the services be restored. The town acknowledged my inquiry and stated on April 14, 1983 my concerns had been referred to town counsel. He advised, "Dan Parker Road was once a public way in Groton but was discontinued by Town Meeting vote" thus the Town could not furnish the requested services.

I acknowledged town counsel's opinion to be correct on April 18, 1983 but objected to not receiving the requested town services. The April 14th reply was from the Chairman of the Groton Board of Selectmen, who presumably requested the opinion from town counsel. To me, there was nothing to question. That was back in the day when I believed everything a lawyer said was true.


Town counsel's 1983 opinion was confirmed ten years later in 1993 when Groton began planning for its enhanced 911 phone system. Dan Parker Road was a discontinued road with reliable access only from the abutting town of Dunstable.

Then on November 14, 2003 lightning struck with a mighty blast. In a letter from the town's administrative officer, it was admitted the town didn't have a copy of town counsel's 1983 opinion. In addition to this, nothing in the selectmen's minutes indicate an opinion was ever requested from town counsel on the status of Dan Parker Road. In 1983 the chairman of the Groton Board of Selectmen either lied about getting an opinion from town counsel or the opinion was lost just as the selectmen's minutes were lost for the years between 1930 and 1956. They seem to have mysteriously disappeared just as the directions for creating the 1940 assessors maps. A new opinion was obtained from town counsel on October 19, 2005. According to this 2005 opinion, the town's administrative officer stated, there is no portion of Dan Parker Road that extends from Martin's Pond Road to the Dunstable Road; indeed there is no Dunstable Road. Of course the question is, why would Dan Parker Road be shown if it had been abandoned?

The administrative officer's statement referenced in town counsel's 2005 opinion is deliberately and fatuously flawed. The fact of the matter is, Old Dunstable Road and Dunstable Road are the same.