GROTON -- Our climate is changing--and to make sure Groton is ready to meet the challenges in the forecast, Groton's Sustainability Commission has chosen Leo Laverdure to lead a Climate Action Working Group (CAWG) to conduct a formal inquiry into Groton's vulnerabilities to changing weather patterns, and to advise the town about what it needs to do to prepare.

Now the CAWG is looking for more citizens to get involved.

The Sustainability Commission decided to create the CAWG following the recommendations contained in the Climate Change Action Report published by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and the Environment, which calls climate change "the greatest environmental challenge of this generation."

"The most significant near-term risk here in Central Massachusetts is likely to come from the increased frequency of extreme weather events," said Laverdure during a recent interview. "The Climate Change Action Report states that it is likely that we will be seeing 100 year storms every three years by mid-century--and every two-years by 2100--while at the same time, we are likely to experience more frequent droughts. These changes have already begun to have a dramatic impact on our emergency services, and down the line these changes will modify how we build our infrastructure, and how we plan and make decisions," he said.


Groton's Sustainability Commission has charged the Climate Action Working Group with taking a leadership role in consultation and coordination with other town entities such as Groton's "Climate Action Collaborative" in helping the town prepare to meet these challenges.

The state report is available for download at It can be downloaded in its entirety (128 pages), in executive summary (6 pages), or by individual chapters.

If you would like to get involved in the Climate Action Group, contact Leo Laverdure at 978-448-5700.