The Groton Public Library announces its set of spring 2013 offerings in its popular Life Long Learning Program. Life Long Learning, begun in the fall of 2012, features six-session seminars, facilitated by volunteers on a variety of topics. All offerings are free of charge, held at the library and enrollment is limited to 10-15 participants per seminar. The seminars are designed for adult learners who enjoy reading and discussion. Offering include:

"Growing Up" in Film and Fiction Meets Tuesdays, 1-2:30 p.m. for six weeks beginning March 5: Facilitator, Dr. Mary Jennings

From childhood to adolescence, adulthood to old age, life's transitions have been a topic of the best fiction and film. In this workshop, we will explore how four modern directors have translated short works of fiction into enduring film with the theme of "growing up." Fiction by Stephen King, Larry McMurtry Rex Pickett and Alice Munro will be studies along with films, "Stand by Me," "The Last Picture Show," "Sideways," and "Away from Her." Films and stories are available at the library for each class.

TED Talks Meets Thursdays 1-2:30 p.m. for six weeks beginning March 28: Facilitator, Bobbie Lamont

Join us a discussions on some of the most exciting topics today. TED Talks (Technology, Education and Design) are 14-18 minute presentations given by professionals in a variety of fields.


Topics range from the biology of happiness to the climate for cheating; from bioethics and evolution to the paradox of choice; and more. Watch the Talks on your computer or at the library for each class.

New England Transcendentalists Meets Wednesdays 1-2:30 p.m. for six weeks beginning April 3: Facilitator, Nancy LeMay

Transcendentalists, a group of New England movers and shakers during the 1840's, will be the focus of readings and discussion. The Who's Who of the group include Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, Elizabeth Peabody and Bronson Alcott. They were the founders of America's first intellectual movement which continues to inspire us today. The workshop will culminate in a field trip to Fruitlands Museum with the former docent who leads this seminar.

Great Decisions. Meets Thursdays 7:30-9 p.m. for six weeks beginning April 4: Facilitator, Tom Lamont.

Participate in America's largest discussion program on world affairs. The Great Decision program highlight eight of the most thought-provoking policy challenges facing Americans each year. Great Decisions provides background information, current data and policy options for each and serves as the focal text for discussion groups. The 2013 briefing book will e given to each participant at the first class. Topics range from the Euro to NATO, to Egypt to Myanmar.

Register on-line at the Groton Public Library website,, or come in personally to the check-out desk. Registration is first-come, first-served. Any questions? Please contact Library Director Vanessa Abraham or LLL Curriculum Coordinator, Mary Jennings