Bob Gaudreau and Tony Sidhu from the Shen Yun Performing Arts Company, are part of the Shen Yun all-new 2013show which is touring the U.S. Members of the Groton Woman's Club were treated to this program at their meeting on Jan. 17. Through colorful, exquisite dance and amazing digital backdrops, 5,000 years of Chinese civilization are revived in "the beauty of divine dancing." The Chinese classical dance is most unique in three areas. The form of the dance originally came from martial arts, performed for the emperor. The technique, mainly the flips, came from acrobats, and the Yun or bearing, came from the inner spirit of the dance. The story of the program is based on the novel, "Journey to the West." There are 55 ethnic groups in China, each with their own folk dances.

The blending of these dances, plus the blending of the eastern and western sounds in the orchestra, makes for a most unique performance. Every year there is a new original score. The show is made in the USA and is performed throughout the world. It cannot be seen in China, however, for cultural and political reasons. Shen Yun will be performed in Worcester at the Hanover Theatre on Feb. 6-7, and in Boston at the Boston Opera House Feb. 8-10. Visit the website for more information.