GROTON -- October is designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and students at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School are promoting Pink Month to educate students about the disease and raise charitable donations.

"Last year we donated $1,600, and hope to break the goal this year," said Penchansky, foreign language teacher. Members of the Student Council, along with their advisor, Nicole Penchansky, organized events to promote awareness during the entire month, including "Pink Week."

"Students are showing their support for fighting breast cancer by wearing pink (shirts, hats, socks) on various days -- freshmen on Monday, sophomores on Tuesday, juniors on Wednesday, seniors on Thursday and the entire school on Friday," said Penchansky.

Ariana Cho and Jessica Chu, Student Council presidents, have organized the majority of events planned for the month, according to Penchansky.

Cho and Chu, both juniors, said they have been involved with Pink Week as members of student council since their freshman year.

"I want to help to make a difference inside school and outside with our community," said Chu.

Cho originally joined Student Council because of its fundraising factor and said this is the most important fundraiser held by the students.

"It's really great how into it people get; guys wearing pink shirts and wrist bands ... it's cool to see that," Cho said.


Teachers and staff kicked off "Pink Week" to show their support by hosting a "teacher gauntlet," in which they dressed in pink and held pink pom-poms to cheer on students as they entered school in the morning.

Each day during lunch period, Student Council members sold pink baked goods, strawberry ice cream sundaes, pink bracelets and "Crusader for a Cure" T-shirts to raise money for the American Cancer Society. They will do so throughout October.

"We are extending 'Pink Week' for the entire month of October," according to Chu.

At last Friday's football game, council members collected donations and sold T-shirts but the game was lightly attended. Other teams had matches and games scheduled at the same time.

The council will sell shirts, hold raffles and a bake sale at the upcoming Homecoming tailgate and game on Nov. 2.

Cho said, "We're hoping to sell more at the tailgating game. That's where we raised the most money last year."

Anyone in the community who would like to contribute to the American Cancer Society on behalf of the students can do so at the school's office during October, according to Cho.

It's all about the students working and rallying together for a great cause, and the students agree that Penchansky brings enthusiasm to the fundraiser.

"She's definitely a big part of it, she helped us with the T-shirts," said Cho.

Penchansky said, "I believe this is the third year running the event. It started off as a weeklong event and has progressed into an entire month!"