Get ready for spring -- and The Taste of Nashoba!

As I type this we are in the middle of another winter storm. For those of us that have been to the Taste of Nashoba before, we know that a little bit of snow can't keep us away -- some may recall four years ago, when we had a major winter storm the day of the Taste and still the event was packed. Full Story
Fruitlands keeps past alive into the future (SLIDESHOW)

HARVARD -- For the past 103 years, Fruitlands has been welcoming visitors seeking nature, art and history. Full Story
Cheers to books!

Laughter and good cheer filled Pepperell's historic Lawrence Library as guests from many towns came to an adult evening with wine, friends, and scrumptious refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere. Full Story
Barbra Streisand says no #MeToo moment marred her life

03/17/2018 04:05 PM EDT
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Barbra Streisand said she's never suffered sexual harassment but has felt abused by the media. 
Full Story
Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
03/17/2018 10:00 AM EDT - WASHINGTON (AP) — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows: ABC's "This Week" — Rep. Full Story

Theron calls idea of arming US teachers 'so outrageous'
03/17/2018 07:55 AM EDT - DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Actress Charlize Theron says the idea of arming teachers after recent U. Full Story

Reality TV star pleads guilty to 2 counts in fatal DUI wreck
03/16/2018 10:12 PM EDT - VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — A former reality TV star charged with killing a U.S. Coast Guard technician in a drunken wrong-way collision on a Virginia highway has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors. Full Story

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
03/16/2018 07:52 PM EDT - WASHINGTON (AP) — Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows: ABC's "This Week" — To be announced. Full Story

ProPublica leads media into correction of murky CIA story
03/16/2018 06:22 PM EDT - NEW YORK (AP) — The news organization ProPublica corrected a story about President Trump's choice as the next CIA director and the waterboarding of a detainee the year after the Sept. Full Story

St. Louis high school band spontaneously plays for the pope
03/16/2018 03:57 PM EDT - ST. LOUIS (AP) — A group of 45 band students from a Jesuit high school in St. Louis didn't know they'd get a spontaneous visit from Pope Francis when they recently performed in the Vatican. Full Story