Even wordsmiths may have trouble describing how badly we as a nation are failing our veterans when we allow them to die rather than get help.

Clearly, the Veterans Administration is understaffed when it comes to the medical professionals needed. Yet there are likely plenty of administrators and others with willing hands ready to falsify schedules and accept bonuses.

Our towns are a reflection of others across the nation with stories of veterans who are being abandoned by their country. Forced medical separations from active duty are more frequent now with new, ill veterans left hanging without jobs and with medical claims to the VA taking many months and years to resolve. What do we expect them to do as they wait?

Imagine serving your country for years, being sent to war repeatedly, suffering injuries and then forcibly separated, no longer needed. The backlog in claims, and apparent insufficient number of workers to process them, leaves these men and women with no financial support.

The stories are many. The vets and their families are suffering with only a blind bureaucracy that easily ignores them.

Don't believe for a minute that the steps taken to hide inadequate treatment of vets were unknown on Capitol Hill. There is plenty of money flooding into Washington, D.C. The issue is how it's spent.

The actions of those responsible for underfunding the care of men and women who stood and fought for us is reprehensible.


If we cannot care for those who fought for us, who fight for us, we should never again ask a soldier to sacrifice for an ungrateful nation.