While we don't all have dogs for pets, there are likely few of us who don't love them.

Our hearts break as we watch TV profiles of dogs whose unfortunate lives have led them to shelters and probable death by injection. Their fault? Unlikely.

If we could, would we not take them all home to be safe and loved as they should be?

On this page are two letters related to dogs: One about the failure of some owners to clean up after they pets and another about owners who fail to maintain control of their dogs.

In both cases,a change in behavior is warranted.

Nancy Fox in Pepperell writes about the Rail Trail and the doggie deposits waiting to surprise unsuspecting walkers and joggers as they pass.

In Harvard, annual town meeting voters will be asked to strengthen the town's dog bylaw. Sandra Lefkovits writes to encourage her fellow townspeople to approve the article. She lost her much-cared-for chickens to a neighbor's two pets.

It's unfortunate that people have to even write these letters. Do dog owners really have to be told to take responsibility for their pets.

Do they think it's okay to allow their dogs to poop on the paved trails where others walk and jog? Are they so unthinking as to believe that letting their pets roam free does not usurp the rights of other property owners not to have someone else's dog roaming their yard and doing any number of undesirable things?

Dogs are wonderful pets but they rely on those who assume their care to keep them safe.


That includes protection from repercussions that can result from their doggie behavior.

Had things gone differently, Harvard's selectmen could have chosen to order the two chicken-killing dogs put down.

Would anyone want that to happen to their dogs? No? Then take care of them.