Frustration with officials in Washington, D.C. is getting ever higher as issue after issue emerges where the truth appears lost at the bottom of a very deep well.

When did adherence to political strategy become so pervasive that facts and truth fall to political self-interest.

Of all the controversies in recent years, one of the most troubling is Benghazi. Four U.S. Embassy personnel died in a terrorist attack on, of all days, Sept. 11. For weeks, the American public was told that the attack was actually a demonstration in reaction to an anti-Muslim video. The truth surrounding the 2012 affair has been very hard to find.

Records released this week reveal that military officers told the White House of the "terrorist attack" within an hour of its occurrence. So they knew. But with reelection on the line, did the "video demonstration" storyline play better for a candidate claiming that terrorists were on the run? Would an unanticipated attack on 9/11 sound bad?

Four Americans were denied the safety measures that would have protected their lives and then they were refused rescue once the attack was underway.

Washington officials lied about the cause of the attack, that proper safety precautions were withheld and that rescue was refused.

The treatment of these American sons was abhorrent. We should demand not only the truth but accountability by those making such disastrous decisions.

This isn't how America treats those in her service -- or is it?