Over the summer, five students, members of the Ayer Shirley Green Team, raised money for and built three compost bins for the Middle School.

The bins are for collecting school lunch leftovers and turning the waste into soil.

"Our goal was to make fertile soil for many uses, saving the school lots of money for waste pickup and making a lesser impact on our environment," writes the team.

The compost bins were built on June 21 of this year and moved to the Ayer-Shirley Regional Middle School, ready for use. They remained at the school until a few weeks ago when the team realized they were missing.

Each of the three compost bins measures one-foot-by-three-foot, is made of pressure-treated lumber, has plastic mesh netting on the bottom and two lids on the top. They are the color of regular light brown wooden planks.

In an email to this newspaper, the team writes, "We hope that this information will help us in our efforts to find these compost bins. We also hope that you spread this information in a bulletin so that our compost bins can be found safe and secure.

"We are very disappointed about all of our hard work going to waste. Could you please add this: If you have any information on the whereabouts of these bins, please contact us at ajmastrangelo8@gmail.com."

Thank You,

Ayer Shirley Green Team

Perhaps those who took the bins didn't realize what they were or that they were made by students.


We hope the person or persons who took the bins will return them, providing a happy surprise for these young people whose only wish was to volunteer their time and effort to make their world a better place.