Gus Widmayer, of Groton, has written a letter to the editor that is included on this page.

His letter talks about the speed of traffic on Route 119, particularly in the vicinity of Johnson's Ice Cream and the town center.

What he says is certainly true. Anyone who has visited Johnson's, located as it is on a curve with poor sight distance, knows that in order to exit the popular restaurant, you must see that the way is clear, gun your motor and shoot out onto 119 before traffic rounds the bend.

Walking in the area is another matter, devoid as it is of sidewalks.

Gus and his daughter, Sophie, live on Skyfields Drive, which is located on the hill behind Johnson's. Father and daughter like to take walks to Johnson's and to the town's center but to say that doing so is risky is an understatement.

Many of the folks who travel this road are simply passing through on the highly traveled state highway. But all drivers should think about the dangers that come with speed. Children, cyclists, joggers and the like can come out of nowhere. How would you feel if you struck one of them?

We remember Evan Holofcener, a young teenage boy living in Groton. When he didn't return from a bicycle ride, his father went looking. Not far from their home he found a crowd, and his son's bicycle and helmet in the middle of the road.

His son was dead.

There was a sidewalk there; he was struck anyway.


The point is the precious life that was taken by careless driving.

Shouldn't memories such as this one be enough to slow us?

In a time that emphasizes exercise and healthy living, sidewalks would be a very good idea. But in the meantime, slow down.

Make the area and others like it safe for the Sophie's of this world.