The airwaves are filled this week with news of the $20 million plus spent by the IRS on lavish parties ... oh, excuse us, conventions. And more was spent on silly videos supposedly meant to build morale at the same agency. They are being shown over and over as if seeing them 10 or 20 times isn't enough.

We can tell you that our morale is pretty low after seeing yet another example of our government at work.

We wonder about the audacity of Massachusetts Democrats who refused to allow an amendment that would require those applying for public housing to provide a Social Security number. While supporters said legal citizens should be given precedence over illegal immigrants, Democrats voted against the move without even offering a reason.

Also in this week's Beacon Hill Roll Call is mention of the report that uncovered $2.39 million in welfare benefits paid to dead people. Those who actually used the benefits are likely very pleased with themselves.

With jobs hard to find, and those who have them working harder and harder, the unconscionable way our elected and appointed officials are spending our money is an outrage.

We're incensed by government officials who refuse to admit errors and those not held responsible for what they do.

It's a sad, sad state of affairs and no way to run a country whose freedoms were and are won with blood, sweat and tears.