DEVENS -- After months of planning and discussion MassDevelopment and Devens Village Green LLC have signed a land disposition agreement for up to 124 units of housing in the Devens Grant Road neighborhood.

"I think it's a positive step towards creating a more critical mass in Devens," said Ed Starzec, project manager. "We can have more kids in the playgrounds and more neighbors to meet and create a sense of community here."

In efforts to cater to the growing population and increase in demand for local housing, Devens Village Green plans to build 40 large and small single-family homes, 40 duplexes and townhouse units, and 27 units for affordable to moderate income households.

The different units are going to be arranged in a walkable neighborhood.

"The master plan and architecture of this community will encourage social connection and foster a sense of place and neighborhood. It will encourage walking and biking and in so doing, take advantage of the many natural resources and recreational amenities already available in Devens," wrote Dan Gainsboro, co-developer at Devens Village Green, in a press release.

Developers will build homes to be zero-net-energy capable. This means that if homeowners choose they can add photovoltaic panels to their homes that would generate electricity directly from sunlight to power the home.

Kelsey Abbruzzese from MassDevelopment said there are currently about 350 residents in Devens and about 4,000 people working there.


Under the current zoning bylaws, Devens features a faster permitting process as an incentive for business growth. Devens bylaws allow a maximum of 282 residential units, 140 of which have been renovated or built.

Devens Enterprise Commission, the regulatory and permitting authority in Devens, will review the project's permits this fall and winter.

Starzec said he hopes to see construction starting in the spring of 2015.

MassDevelopment President and CEO Marty Jones said, "We look forward to seeing shovels in the ground next year and people in homes as soon as possible."

MassDevelopment will present the project to business owners on Sept. 17 at 9 a.m.

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