HARVARD -- The school committee met on Monday to discuss the possibility of a partnership with Harvard Cable Television and the goals for the upcoming school year.

Bill Johnson, HCTV representative, spoke about the strides the network has made to get students excited and involved.

"Our goals for this partnership is that we get a permanent home, the public schools get a facility for extra-curricular activities and HCTV gets content creation from students," said Johnson.

Twenty-one months ago, Bromfield School welcomed HCTV to the school and gave up space on the lower floor to set up a studio. Since then, HCTV has been looking for ways to involve students in its activities.

Johnson said HCTV spoke with Bromfield Principal James O'Shea to try to stimulate interest in the program. In June, HCTV broadcasted a short segment that played during the day. He said 36 students responded.

A couple of middle-school girls volunteered to run cameras during the school graduation, he said.

Martha Brooks, Bromfield teacher, has volunteered to be a faculty advisor for the initiative.

Harvard Public Schools Superintendent Linda Dwight said Johnson wants the interest in the club to come organically to students while the school committee wants a more structured approach.

"We're trying to figure, how do we partner together in a way that makes sense to the students and does increase access of the studio," she said.


The next step, said Dwight, is for a formal application of an HCTV student club to be submitted and approved by the School Committee. The faculty advisor can then begin to organize the students.

Goals for the year

Five major goals were discussed for the new year.

One goal, optimizing the school year calendar for student learning and efficiency, was already finished. It was reviewed by the calendar subcommittee, which gave its recommendations to maximize student learning, time on learning and resources.

The second goal was to review the options for office locations while a third is to upgrade the science labs.

"We're pretty committed to getting something done by Town Meeting," said Chairman SusanMary Redinger. A design for renovations has been finalized and requisite funding has been approved.

The measurement of student learning goal needs to be looked at again and revised. This goal is to ensure that the school committee and administration are measuring student achievement beyond standardized testing.

"We want to make sure that were are not a district that only focuses on standardized tests but that we value all of the other areas students learn at," said Dwight, "whether it's a travel experience, sports or drama."

The last goal addressed was to ensure that Harvard schools are funded to deliver extra-curricular activities through user fees and the omnibus budget. The committee has reviewed user fees and extra-curricular activities and a plan has been approved that ensures funding for the next three years.

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