TOWNSEND -- Over the summer, thousands of buckets of ice water have been dumped on heads and all for a good cause.

The students and staff at Hawthorne Brook Elementary School hope to have 400 to 600 participants in their ice bucket challenge Sept. 8, right after school.

The challenge benefits the ALS Foundation. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, sometimes called Lou Gehrig's disease, currently has no cure. Most victims become paralyzed before they die.

"It's just so awful," Donna Kenyon said. "You are literally trapped in your own body."

Donating to the foundation has become personal for everyone at the school. Bill Kenyon, 53, diagnosed with the disease in 2012, can no longer talk. His wife, Donna Kenyon, is the school secretary.

"That ice bucket challenge has been a good thing for us," Donna Kenyon said. Her whole family, four kids with their spouses and families, did the challenge.

"It brings a smile to my husband's face, and that's definitely a good thing," she said.

The school held a pajama and slippers day last year to raise money for the ALS Foundation.

"When they approached me about doing this I thought it was a great thing," Kenyon said.

Her husband will be there for the event. The school secretary has not decided if she will be getting wet for the cause, but she might.

Students who signed up for the challenge need to bring their contribution to the ALS Foundation and their own bucket to school on Sept. 8.


A few lucky students will be able to dump a bucket of ice water over a teacher's head. Names will be chosen through a raffle and there will be a $20 minimum donation to soak an educator.

Organizers are looking for volunteers to help organize the event and to fill the buckets.

Parents and friends are welcome to attend and cheer on the participants. Because buses will be in the front circle, vehicles should park in the Library lot.

The event will be held on the tennis courts around 2 p.m.

For information or to volunteer, call the school at 978-597-6419.