HARVARD -- Two years ago, Harvard police were left with a breaking-and-entering case that was unsolved.

But that is about the change.

Harvard Detective Daniele Fortunato said a Sherry Road resident reported a break-in at her house in June 2012. The suspect had stolen a clock, tools and $200 in change from a piggy bank. The tools were later recovered down the street that same day.

The male suspect entered the home by smashing the back sliding door with a rock. Fortunato said he might have cut himself in the process because he left behind a small trail of blood.

Harvard police sent the blood sample to the crime lab in 2012, which ran it through state police databases in Massachusetts and surrounding states, but found no match.

In August of this year, Mass. State Police found a match with a man who had a committed a crime in Southern New Hampshire. His last known address was in Manchester.

Fortunato said the 66-year-old man has a significant criminal history spanning over 10 years with 90 arraignments for break-ins in Massachusetts. He is also associated with 98 pawn shop entries since 2012.

The suspect's name cannot be released until he is officially charged and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. He was summoned to Clinton District Court on Sept. 4.

He will be charged with breaking-and-entering, larceny over $250, larceny under $250, destruction of property and misleading a police officer.

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