AYER -- A new citizen's petition article submission form has been uploaded on the town website.

The petition, formerly one page long, now has three pages.

Some residents have expressed their discontent with the new form, including Michael Pattenden, who said, "It's just more complicated."

He has submitted three citizen's petitions before and said at the time, it was a very simple and straightforward form.

"Here we go again, someone in Town Hall wants to change a simple procedure and make it complicated," said Pattenden.

The one-page form has space for the petitioner to write in the goal of the petition and lines for signatures of registered voters.

The new form has a detailed explanation of what the voter needs to do to submit the form.

The first page asks for contact information, the proposed article and a brief summary of the article. The second page is for signatures and the third page explains how many signatures are needed and has room at the end for town registrars to sign, once signatures are certified.

"I wanted it to be more informative," said Town Clerk Susan Copeland about the redesigned form.

She said that after realizing the form was not available online, she wanted to modify it and put it online so it can be easily accessible.

Copeland said she has been searching citizen's petition forms that are more complete.

"I take a lot of questions and inquiries about the form," she said. "I just hoped this one would be more helpful.



The new form is not meant to replace the old form, she said. "I will put the older version of the form online as well."

The deadline to submit citizen's petitions for the fall Town Meeting is Friday, Oct. 3, at 12:30 p.m.