TOWNSEND -- It takes more than a teaching certificate to be a good teacher.

"It's about the attitude you have and the willingness to keep learning," said Isaac Taylor, the new interim principal at North Middlesex Regional High School.

Taylor aims to give the teaching team at the school the support they need to give excellent instruction.

Part of his job will be to coach and support department heads in how to coach and support the classroom teachers, giving everyone room to grow through the evaluation process.

"The whole leadership team has to play a deep, instrumental role," he said.

Taylor will take an active part in daily life at the school. "I really do see the whole school as my office," he said.

Part of his day will be spent visiting classrooms and meeting with teachers in order to prioritize student learning.

He knows that teachers have a lot on their plates.

"Teachers work very hard," he said. "It's a tough job."

Every year teachers have to worry about new initiatives. Part of his job as principal, he said, is to minimize the time teachers need to spend on paperwork and enable them to grow as educators.

He also hopes to provide more stability for the school and to connect with all the stakeholders including parents, students and staff.

"What's best for the kids is my number one priority," he said. "I want to be responsive to these needs.



While earning a master's degree in school leadership from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, Taylor interned at Boston Latin Academy. He holds another master's in school and education management from King's College in London, a teaching certificate from Canterbury Christ Church University in Canterbury, U.K., and a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts from Harvard Extension School.

Taylor spent part of his childhood in the U.K., and part in Acton, where he now lives.

He is enthused about his new job and plans a long-term commitment to North Middlesex.

"I'm super-excited about this job," he said.