PEPPERELL -- The Pepperell playground ended its summer program last Friday with a student and parent dodgeball game and donuts and munchkins donated by the local Dunkin' Donuts.

"The summer was so much fun," said program director Cathy Walmsley. "The parents would tell me how happy they were with the summer program this year."

The program started on July 7 bringing in about 75 students daily, ages ranging from 5 to 12 years old.

Campers were able to play games such as capture the flag, dodgeball and pinnie football every day. Pinnie football is similar to flag football but uses pinnies, mesh sportswear shirts, instead of flags.

Arts and crafts were offered and campers were able to make gimp friendships bracelets for each other. Gimp is a plastic lacing used to make keychains, lanyards and bracelets.

Assistant camp counselor Mark Joy, 21, ran the sports activities and Amanda Hall, 24, took care of the arts and crafts section.

"The eight-foot water slide was the biggest hit though," said Walmsley. "We didn't know if they were going to like it or not but they ended up loving it."

The 13 camp counselors created an obstacle course with the eight-foot waterslide and added two small pools at the end.

Campers also ventured outside the playground. They took field trips to places such as Cinema World in Fitchburg to watch "Planes Two," Roll On America, a roller-skating park in Leominster, and Max's Miniature Golf in Tyngsboro.


Another highlight of the summer, she said, was when Pepperell Police officers went to the playground on their day off to play speed ball with the campers.

"They came and spent three hours playing with the kids," she said.

Police Chief David Scott did his ALS ice bucket challenge with the help of the Pepperell playground children who dumped the ice bucket on him.

Walmsley said there were some rumors that the playground was closed because of budget cuts. She said that was not true and that she expects it to be open next summer as well.

-- Kelly Carrion